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Americas Pawn, provides short term consumer collateral loans to people within the community who otherwise may not be able to borrow money elsewhere. It has become ever increasingly hard to get a short-term loan even with good to excellent credit. Not to mention the endless pieces of paper work one must fill out in order to attempt to get the loan. At Americas Pawn, we do not care what your credit is like. We loan 100 percent on your collateral. It does not matter if you need as little as $5 dollars to get you through the day or a loan of $10,000 or more in order to make payroll. As long as you have sufficient collateral that we hold and its value meets or exceeds your demand the (cash is yours).

(Here is a wide variety of items we loan on)

  • Gold Jewelry & Coins
  • Diamonds
  • Fine Watches
  • Silver & Silver Coins
  • Musical Instruments
  • Apple Computers, iPads, ipods
  • Rare Collectibles
  • Professional Camera Equipment
  • And Much More…

All pawn loans are renewable after 90 days in the event you need some extra time in redeeming your item.

Protect your privacy with Americas Pawn’s instant cash loans. We require no credit checks and report to no credit rating agencies. As an active member of the Vancouver, Portland community, we understand the needs of local business owners. Americas Pawn specializes in offering bridge loans on collateral so that entrepreneurs can maintain liquidity and keep their businesses running. Our Upscale pawn shop offers private appointments. Let us treat you with the respect, dignity, and personalized attention that you deserve.

Call us at (360) 260-4528 for a free consultation and to arrange an appointment with one of our Americas pawn shop staff. Bring in the estate jewelry, diamonds, or vintage watch which you would like to use as collateral. For your convenience, we will reserve a free parking space in front of our store with a confirmed appointment. After you arrive, one of our expert pawnbrokers will appraise the item in front of you and offer you a generous cash loan based on a percentage of the hard market value of your item(s).


If a loan is not what you are seeking Americas Pawn will gladly place a value on your items and pay you cash money for them! We hold all items that we buy for a minimum of 30 days. This allows sufficient time for us to work with our local law enforcement agencies and detect if anything has been stolen before it is put out for sale.

Less than 1 percent of stolen items are brought to Pawn Shops because of this mandatory 30 day rule!